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The rule of voting:

1) You shouldn't give your vote to yourself or your own production.
2) You shouldn't give your vote to your own group.
3) All fields are not required.
4) Vote for active people only.

Vote On-line or download the vote machine.

If you use the vote machine:
Fill out the forms and press "generate vote". The *.vot file will be generated. Then send it to my email.

If you do not recive confirmation in 2 days, you should send *.vot file again.


1) What is Demoscene?
The demoscene is a computer art subculture that specializes itself on producing demos, non-interactive audio-visual presentations, which are run real-time on a computer. The main goal of a demo is to show off better programming, artistic and musical skills than other demogroups. [...]
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2) What is Diskmag?
A disk magazine, colloquially known as a diskmag, and also known by the portmanteau magazette (from "magazine on diskette"), is a magazine that is distributed in electronic form to be read using computers. [...]
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3) What is Demogroup?
Demogroups are teams of demosceners, who make computer-based audio-visual works of art known as demos. [...]
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4) What is Demoparty?
A demoparty is an event that gathers demosceners and other computer enthusiasts to compete in competitions. A typical demoparty is a non-stop event lasting over a weekend, providing the visitors a lot of time to socialize. The competing works, at least those in the most important competitions, are usually shown at night, using a video projector and big loudspeakers. The most important competition is usually the demo compo. [...]
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5) Where can I download demoscene productions?
Look at this site:

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